Many local organizations and componies have their own response mobile sites. Besides the website they have their own commercial channels to external channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and partner links. Also they challenge to the customer to download your actual new and product papers?

Do you also want to share your business content from your customers mobile phone? You can think of: your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram messages, content to your mobile website, external photograph albums, Youtube video’s, external PDF papers or content on external websites. How can you bring this information to the smartphone of your customer?

With your own customer portal app you get real close to the enduser! And a perfect business card in the app store.

Robol services can help you to get your business portal app in the Android Play Store. In this store your app is the business card of your company.

For about 500 Euro’s  you can have your own portal app. (50 Euro for updates) Contact us how to achieve your business app portal. No matter your company is in a EU country Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia or Croatia. A big change i can help you with a simple portal app.